Sunday, May 24, 2009

MY Batik by TMS Art

Good news batik lovers!
My Batik by TMS Art is now available at MPH Bookstore, selected Malaysian Tourism Offices and etc.
This 6th issue is my first purchase. I bought it yesterday after work.
Today, I walked in the bookshop again after teaching, to my surprised all these magazines had been all sold out since my last purchased yesterday.
I am glad to make a fast decision buying it, although it cost a little bit expensive RM18.00 but I think it really worth its value.
Look and what you can get in this issue!!!
Batik Fashion!
Fashion Spread
Batik painting by Emilia Tan

Batik Fashion
by M.E.I
Batik Semi-Abstract Painting
by GM Choo
Batik Painting
by Tay Mo LeongBatik fashion
Besides featuring works by renowned batik artists, other highlights worth reading are International Batik Week, In Fashion-Stylo Kuala Lumpur, Project Batik, Batik Success Story and many more.
If the magazine does appeals to you in some ways, don't forget to grab a copy to support the local batik industry growth.
More story here.
Thank you.


Anonymous said...

batiks.. hmm.. looks nice..
but i dont fancy them.. haha..
maybe my dad will =D

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have much inspiration in this book. Good for you.

soulbrush said...

batik is beautiful, thanks for showing us. xx

Caroline said...

Hi Yoon See, I can't keep up with all your recent posts!! Anyway, have enjoyed them all and this one is very interesting to me - as you know I have tried batik painting! Will look out for this magazine - thanks for sharing

Owl Eng said...

You're really fast and sharp! What an excellent magazine! the batiks are very nice indeed. So many designs come out from it

kj said...

these are so beautiful. i love the delicate fabrics and colors...

take care yoon see.


deepazartz said...

Beautiful works and colors.
They really do seem interesting:)

Batik is an art I wanted to try in my atc series and then I kept it for someother time. Do check on my atcs I made to swap with ones I received and tell how you find it.

Have a nice day!

yoon see said...

Thanks friends and I will come to your blogs tomorrow:)

kikolani said...

The dress in the 4th photo is gorgeous. Just the kind of thing I would love to wear!

~ Kristi

Anonymous said...