Saturday, May 16, 2009

Everyday is mother's day!

A big heart to all mums!
Vibrant daisies carpet design:)

Mother's Day just past a week ago....
but to me everyday is mother's day.
Mother's day celebration atmosphere still could be traced at Shah Alam Mall!
I really love the glitter lights surrounding the thousand red roses.
Great mother's day theme and design.
So beautiful and high spirit
I immerse myself back to the happy times we used to have together.


Teri C said...

A beautiful post for Mothers!

I got my daisy box today. It is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much. I sent you an email also.

deepazartz said...

Love the Red-Red heart!!

The carpets are wonder Teri is the first to comment:)Love ur daisies Teri:)

In my post, the flower is digital. I did it with Illustrator around 2 yrs bac. Thanks for your inspiring commnet.

James Oh said...

A lovely post for Mothers. You have a goog point to treat everyday as Mother day. Great to have such a great mood daily.

Have a wonderful day everyday

kj said...

these made me smile.

Owl Eng said...

Nice and sweet...Mothers are great

Renee said...

Yoon See I hope that you are feeling well. Ten years is a long time to have an illness of any kind.

You are strong. I can tell.

Love Renee xoxo