Thursday, May 14, 2009

Diya's 100th post

Diya's 100th post celebration!!!

Diya being the center of attraction!

RM100 stamp: Diya's 100th post (Malaysia 2009)

Diya's fanclub declaring their love and continual support to her!

Firstly, I would like to congratulate my talented artist friend Diya for her great success on achieving 100th post on her blog recently.
In conjunction with it, she held a contest too in celebration her success on blogging!
She is indeed creative and very thoughtful. She had prepared some wonderful prizes for the contestants and it had been won by Nina.
My deepest appology to Diya for the late submission for the above mentioned contest.
In my bottom of my heart, I would like to dedicate this drawing to her here as well sending her this original drawing as a gift.
So that when she see it. She will be able to recall many happy moments on blogging.....
especially making many new friends and developing new business.
I hope she will continue to achieve more to come!!!
Her next target is to celebrate 1000th post and she will definitely on the way accomplishing this great task:)
She also owns a online shop selling beautiful handmade-cards.
Please visit her shop and you will be overwhelmed with many of her beautiful creations!

All the best Diya and hope we are friend forever!
P/s: Pls. furnish me your email address diya.
Thank you.


Anny said...

wow! this is supa cool! just look at Diya there looking cool.. hehhehehehe.. she'll love this piece :)

diyadeary said...

yoon see,
i almost crying to see this special post.
The drawing was sooo pretttyyyy, dear!!.. couldnt take my eyes off it!!
OMG, thank you so much Yoon See..
yes, of coarse we'll be friends forever! no doubt at all dear.. :)

i'm have no misunderstanding with you dear... i'm all fine! thanks again for this lovely post!!!

I love it so muchh!! thank you.. thank you..

P/s: yes anny, i look supa cool kan? hehehe

diyadeary said...


there goes my spelling mistake. hehe. yoon see, i dont mind at all the typo error etc.. chill okay? :)

T.H said...

wah :) very nice.

James Oh said...

Happy celebration and have lots of fun.

Wish you all a greater success

Teri C said...

What a very thoughtful post and wonderful art.

yoon see said...

Thanks anny, diya, th, james and teri:)

Must be cool, it's diya. Ada kaya...He..He..

Pls. don't cry, I have a hard time visiting to so many great sites and blogs. I really must find the extra time to comment and visit everyone's blog.
Thanks for your extra-patience on me:)
I am so tire....

Glad to see you here, will visit you soon:)

Thanks for your frequent drop by and your kind wishes:)
Will visit your blog soon:)

I welcome your kind comment.

diyadeary said...

yes, u can email me at that address.. its okay with me.. :)

nite dear. sweet dreams..

Owl Eng said...

you have a great artwork here! it's fun and lively. your friend must be thrilled to receive such a unique and beautiful work from you. I m very proud of you ;)

yoon see said...

Thank you Owl Eng!

Nina :) said...

Diya got many fans, haha :P

It's such a wonderful drawing. Diya was so lucky to have a good friend like you ;)

Anh said...

Too cute for words!

Bella Sinclair said...

My gosh, so adorable! What a great drawing for a wonderful friend. You are always so thoughtful and loving.