Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dedication-100th post by Barbara Valianti

This is my dedication to my new friend, a talented artist Barbara Valianti who recently celebrated her 100th post. Congratulations to her great success.
She has a beautiful blog called Reading The Sky which shares her joy in art making and blogging.
Please visit her beautiful blog and discover more beautiful sharings!
Last but not least, my best wishes to her in all her undertakings and blogging projects.


Barbara/myth maker said...

You are one incredible woman, Yoon See! Thank you so much... you really touch me! (((hugs)))

James Oh said...

Yoon See, Thanks for your kind introduction of your new talented artist friend. Will visit her beautiful blog shortly and have a lovely weekend,

kj said...

i went to visit barbara and she just about made me cry. is that fair? (just kidding)

take care, yoon see.


Barbara/myth maker said...

Yoon See, I have already met 2 of your lovely friends. Thank you!

yoon see said...

Hi Barbara,
You are most welcome and i hope you will meet more beautiful people!

Hi James Oh,
Thanks for dropping by and find time to get to know more beautiful people out there:)

Hi kj,
I know you are good at joking...