Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Contagious-Passion on painting

I was and still contagious with painting these little colourful crabs.
I want to dedicate my love to you all:)
The one with "I love you" was painted two months back.
I plan to incorporate them in felt softie by this year end holiday. Same goes to batik painting.
I am working on IF just now, half way through, there was a black-out, thus it was half-way done.
I will upload it by tomorrow.
I got to sleep now, I got an early yoga class to attend tomorrow.
Yoon See
Good night friends!


Francisco Martins said...

Hey Yoon See!
Thanks for visiting me and for the nice comment you've left me.
Great crabs, and beautiful colors!!

Francisco Martins

deepazartz said...

Beautiful and Unique!!!
Lovely colors incorporated.
Is it done in clay?
You are so talented, yoon see:)

Do visit my blog to chk BT post:)

mizzyN said...

cute crabs. what are they made of?

Barbara/myth maker said...

All wonderful crabs, scurrying around, ready to grab some love. :)

Did you make them out of clay, Yoon See?

Cori Lynn Berg said...

These are so cute. Are you going to make them into magnets or something?

Caroline said...

Hello Yoon See, fellow Malay resident!! I love those cute little crabs - you must tell us how you made them. Fimo clay or what? Whatever, they are just too cute for their own good and obviously we all want one!!

Cserháti Hajnalka, Ojni said...

100%!!! Perfect! :)))


yoon see said...

Thanks friends for your compliment:)

I have a crab mould.
You can make a custom-made plaster mould but it's pretty time consuming!

I don't use any clay but plaster of paris.
First, I pour in the mixture of plaster of paris & water, wait for hours and let itdry..
Normally, I wait for another week to paint it.
After that I wait another few days for it to dry.
Finally, spray with gloss or matt transparent paint for protection.

For special effect:
Try sprinkle glitter, carving, do block stamping on it.....whatever that come to your mind and etc!

I am still exploring new techniques on this:)

Most of the crabs' finished surface chipped off after 1 year I made them. So, no choice but I glued them back.
From my experience, if you want to apply glitters for experiment, pls. do it the last step after the spray.
Thank you and I hope you all have a pleasant time exploring plaster craft painting.

I shall do a tutorial on this topic when I am free.

mizzyN said...

ok. be fast, can't wait for it.

yoon see said...

Thanks everyone for dropping by and giving kind comments:)

isay said...

so lovely!

Shugar said...

oh what cute crabs! ;)
I'm sure you had lots of fun painting them!

yoon see said...

Thanks Isay and shugar.
Yeah, I had lots of fun...

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have created a hobby to keep you busy. They

Bella Sinclair said...

Such a cute army of crabs! The love all the colors and patterns. They are very happy. Yay!