Friday, May 1, 2009

Central Market, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Central Market main entrance
(night scene)

Signature "C" Sign stands for Central Market
Beautiful street decorated with lights,
cool atmosphere and serene surrounding.
Close up
Green bamboo & hazy chic
Effect photo

Effect photo
.Weather. Snow.
(All images by Yoon See)

Central Market, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has existed since 1888.
Before, it was a wet market.
I stil can recall my mum used to brought me here
(before central market) when I was very little.
On every Saturday, before my mum starts work
(her office was just next few blocks of the market),
my father and I would accompanied her to the market, doing marketing.

After its conversion into a Cultural Central Market,
it has became a gathering place mainly for local & tourist .
I do not visit here that often now but occasional I do drop by for a stroll.
And that's a happy one.

If you like what you see above,
please feel free to check out the official site of Central Market here.
I hope you will enjoy my sharing as much as I enjoy sharing with you.
Look at the photos. Are you in love with Malaysia?

Love some more details.
Here is a virtual tour of the market.
Be sure, when you plan a trip to Malaysia,
ask for me and I am most glateful to be your friendly tour guide
around in the KLcity neighbourhood!
Yoon See


The Girl From Cherry Blossom Street said...

Are you inlove with Malaysia?

I can't ignore that question. It came across very poetic to me.
I tend to fall inlove with places so I will answer yes! :-)
I love your story behind the pictures!
I'd love to see more pictures of Malaysia :-)

B.Valianti/myth maker said...

Beautiful pictures, Yoon See... I love them. I've never been to Malaysia. I've only been out of the US once, and that was to go to Finland/Lapland.
If you ever come to New York you will have to visit me!


Amy C said...

gorgeous photos, I especially like the top picture, the colors are so beautiful.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I bet it was exciting to go to market with your Mom.

yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)

Thank you for you interest in my story and I will continue to post more great stories and pictures of Malaysia.

I really hope to visit all around the world and having the opportunity to meet you some day!

You really made my day:)

You are right Lisa!
I miss all those beats with my mum, it was memorable and sweet!

Owl Eng said...

Nice!! seeing your photos make me want to revisit the place again. It was used to be my favourite hang-out place during my 3.5 year stay in KL.
Thanks for your lovely comments ;). Wow... you have been to Maldive and Club Med!! How was your trip to Maldive? hopefully one day i can swim there ;)

deepazartz said...

Thats so wonderful, Yoon See..the pics are so nice esp the light from behind the bamboo.

Your desc gives light to the nostalgic mood of yours. I love travelling thought haven't done that much...commitments & responsiblities you see! But would surely like to take a virtual tour:)

It's so sweet of you to offer yourself as a tour would be a pleasure & I'll remember tht if ever I happen to be in Malaysia:)...BTW you are from Malaysia...Truly Asia:)

messyfish said...

Hi Yoon, the more I see of malaysia the more I like it. maybe one day if I travell there we will meet! Hope you have a wonderful creative day today. I really love the way you took the photo with the light behind the tree. very interesting!

Caroline said...

Hello Yoon See! I really like the way you show Central Market at night!! I've only visited during the day so I am delighted by this different, magical view!! I love your take on Malaysia!!

Anonymous said...

lovely images

Nessa said...

I think I've only been to Central Market once. I rarely go to KL because of the traffic jams :(

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh! I'm in love! I want to go. It looks wonderful, and I love the hazy lights peering through the bamboo leaves. Wonderful photos!

yoon see said...

Thank you firends:)
Owl Eng
Great to revisit your university hang-out place:)
I am sure you have the opportunity to come back to reminisce the now & then of central market!

Thanks and I am sure Dubai also is very beautiful too and you are truly Asian!

Hope to see you in Malaysia one day!

You are welcome:)

Thank you:)

No worries, you can always take the LRT for some ease!

Bella Sinclair
He..he..You are in love Bella!
Love is in the air:)

kj said...

this is so wonderful to take this tour with you, yoon see. i would LOVE to visit malaysia, and i hope i do.


isay said...

lovely pictures yoon see! ohhh i hope i can pass by malaysia in the future when i go home to philippines.....

to answer your question about the soul collage. they were cut paper pictures from magazines.
have a nice week.

yoon see said...

Thanks KJ and Isay.
Welcome to Malaysia friends:)
I am looking forward to meeting you all.

baincardin said...

luv the bammboo tree ^_^

yoon see said...

Love your comment too bain! ^-^