Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Twisties Made with Lurve

My sister in law just passed me some snacks. They are Twisties Made with Lurve multigrain chips. Seriously, due to my health problem, I rarely consume junk food. I hardly eat MacDonald and KFC nowadays....Hardly!
Now, I mainly drink vege & fruit juce, where my daily must drink ingredeints include Beetroot, Green Apple and Celery.
By the way, to break the monotoneous for a while......I tried and really loving it. Actually, I am a great fan of twisties....but I can't eat them so regularly.....just too bad!
Below are the funny and heartfelt beats of Twisties ad.
What is your favourite junk food?


Anny said...

yum yummmmmmmmmmm.. how come i never see this twisties before? hehhehee.. thanks for introducing this.. guess i better get out of the house more :D

Josh (musarter) said...

Lurve sounds to much like Larve to be appealing to me. To each his/her own.

If you are a health nut I have a site for you:
The age of the Jetson's is here, we can eat fruits and vegestables in a pill. Seriously!

Amy C said...

I got a juicer last year for my birthday and I love to make carrot and ginger juice.
I love the name of those snacks Lurve how cool!

Teri C said...

I have never heard of them either. The videos were so cute.

Peanuts are my favorite snack.

Ces said...

I have not heard of Twisties but the commercials are very funny. I eat McDonald's and fried chicken when we go for long drives because those are the only restaurants we see from the highways. I don't feel well after eating them, my stomach takes a beating and I actually get sick. Still I do it anywway because I think I am either stupid or suicidal. Now, you really wanted to know that about me right Yoon See? Haha! Thanks for the congrats and same to you!

ValGalArt said...

i think i would lurve these! The commercials are fun!!! very creative. I live chocolate peanut butter cups :)

The Girl From Cherry Blossom Street said...

That kid on the commercial is so cute! Love the hair! One day I will walk in at work with that
kind of hairstyle! ;-)
I do not like McDo.

My favorite junk food?....mmm...
I don't know...but I love ice cream!
Green tea or coffee flavored ice cream!

deepazartz said...

I think there are lots I had ne'er heard of:( But it sure sounds tasty:) I am not too much of a junk-eater except very rarely. I love McDonald's Apple Pie/Pineapple pie a lot n ofcourse French fries. But tht happens like once in a blue moon.

And regarding ARTE, Sure it is fast growing(as is Dubai),Yoon See. I am one of them...but not yet officially. I have to display my work if one has to become an official member. I am planning to display next month. I am working on it right now.
Thanks for your wishes.
BTW, I am your new follower:)

Anonymous said...

Lurve, Some attractive packaging and branding gives it a different twist !

I do take some asam boi for my fishing trips at sea - it does takes off some wind and enjoy eating them - deep sour and peach salty the better. About 2 or 3 trips in a year and share a big packet with everyone on board!

I don't take them while driving.
Say ; Don't eat and drive.(Ha ha)

Diana Evans said...

hahahaha...clever commercials...I don't think we have twisties here...but they sure look good...

I got a juicer and make some pretty neat drinks for everyone....once I put in too much ginger and the juice was so hot and spicy we could hardly drink


parisa mahmoudi said...

Oh,what a cute video! :)
About the snack,I really don't know!
It depends on my mood,ice cream,chips,peanuts or... .
P.S.So thanks about the award!I really appreciate it!Always you make me feel happy!Thanks!!! :)

Catherine said...

im back ,wow I still remember the boom head twiisties, reminds my childhood :P