Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Daisies for Teri C

I would love to dedicate these lovely daisies pictures to my beloved & talented friend Teri Casper . She owns a beautiful blog called Teri's Painted Daisies that features the beauty & charm of daisies.

Please visit her blog to discover more hidden beauty of this magical flower.
If you are a watercolour lover, you sure love what she draws and paints!!!

Besides, I am most inspired by her other links too: Teri's Mandala , Teri's Photos Just so many happenings and pretty little cute illustrations await you!
If you are shopping for daisy merchandise or something unique, please browse through her Zazzle store and you will find something really really special:)
My favourite is her life cycle of leaves magnet. It's just so cool!!!
So, what're yours?


Teri C said...

Oh my gosh Yoon See, this is so incredibilty sweet of you. I am just about speechless!

Thank you for being you in all your sweetness.

From TeriC aka Daisy Girl

Big hugs to you

Teri C said...
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Teri C said...

I am so speechless I forgot to say how gorgeous these daisies were.

Then I had to delete the comment before this one because it was only half there.

Speechless and mindless for sure.

This is such a special post and I will treasure your thoughts.

marianne said...

Wow, how sweet of you to honor our dear Teri in this way!
I must say that daisies (in my view) will forever be connected with Teri.
You did some lovely things with these flowers!
And I must admit life cycle of leaves is one of my favorites as well! And............I have one!!!!!!
I am lucky.

Have a nice day Yoon See!

The Girl From Cherry Blossom Street said...

Oh the sweet thought along with the flowers should brighten up anyone's day!
You find time to make people happy
even though you are soooo busy!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Beautiful flowers YS. I know Teri loved seeing them and the lovely tribute to her.

Julie said...

How sweet Yoon See!!! I love how you transformed these daisies so many ways! My favorite is #2.