Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Result of The 1st Giveaway Challenge!

A big thank you to all that took time off just to get some fun in my 1st Giveaway Challenge!
Congratulations to all participants and winners!
I have decided to rap up this session just a few hours earlier and add another 3 more prizes making them 5 now.
The best commenter is The Girl from Cherry Blossom Street.
The luckiest commenter is Kathleen Rietz.
The birthday boy on 1/12 Dani Torrent also deserves one similar first day cover.
Owl Eng so kind drew me a birthday card also deserve one similar first day cover.
Parisa Mahmoudi gave me some great birthday presents also deserves one similar first day cover.

I hope the result is fair.
I would like to apologize because I am not a perfect judge.
For those that didn’t win; cheer up, I still will send those that have participated in this challenge a Christmas Card with the Malaysia cartoonist Lat’s stamp on simply because this winning entry from The Girl from Cherry Blossom Street said: "Yoon See, we all should get Lat awards :-)", for those didn't participate, please wait for the 2nd giveaway patiently!

"I don’t know how to convince anyone if I’m deserving of any award, trophy, or gift.But this much I know. I know the word agapē. Love feast. Art is love. Art brings people together. The sharing is what makes it beautiful. That itself is art to me. Like blogging. Global sharing. It is wide open for everyone to bring their part of their world into yours. Yoon see, imagine the people you bring together for the sake of Art. Of giving. Of sharing. For that very same reason,you Yoon See, share your part of your world into ours by giving us Lat, which I, honestly, have not heard before. But that does not stop me from finding out who he is or what he stands for and believes in. Lat is right. Art transcends color or race. It blends humanity into one. Agapē!That is the beauty of art..to me..Yoon See, we all should get Lat awards :-)"


Kate said...

It is so kind of you, Yoon See! I am so surprised and honored to have won. The holidays can be kind of sad for me, so you should know that this news brought me some cheer.

It is fine if the prize does not get to me by Christmas - don't sweat the details! My birthday is Christmas Eve, and I am used to celebrating both before and after Christmas (usually whenever there is time during the busy holidays). I am just honored to have won.

Many thanks. You have a big heart.


Ken said...

congrats to all the winners :)

btw something 4 u ;)

The Girl From Cherry Blossom Street said...

Oh this puts me in such a happy mood today! :-)
Thank you for the award. And thank you for introducing LAT to us!

I can't wait for the First Day Cover.

Silence said...

haha..maybe i ain't lucky enough.. takpe..there alwez be next time right? hehehe.. anyway..thanks 4 inviting me to join the contest..

T.H said...

wow.. congrats winners

T.H said...

good to know they are happy too

Bella Sinclair said...

Hooray, congratulations all! It's easy to see why you chose the Girl from Cherry Blossom Street. Wonderfully sweet and wise comment!

parisa mahmoudi said...

so thanks for this great award!
and a big thanks for your introducing his artworks to us!
you are so kind dear yoon see!
I wish you a happy time as you make my day happy! :)

Kris-Tea said...

Congratulations to the fantastic winners! :)