Sunday, December 21, 2008

Magic Mirror Exhibition

These are my blogger friends Emila Yusof and Ken Ong. Last two days, I attended a Children Art Exhibition entitiled Magic Mirror Exhibition.
Emila my talented artist friend was among the chosen local children illustration artist to participate in this exhibition. I had a great time getting to know more talented artists just like Kak Emila.
Ken the Interior Designer is a soft spoken gentleman; he attracted the media to interview him about Emila’s work. As you can see, here are part some Emila’s quality children illustration works. I love this particular canvas painting where Yassin's toddler clothings on the drying line (Emila Son) because of the great sense of simplicity & splashes executed here!
I really enjoyed the whole session and wish that to have more opportunities to visit more various kind of art exhibitions in the future. I would love to have mine too up too. Thus, I am working toward that direction:)


parisa mahmoudi said...

I wish I was there too!!!
It seems so wonderful!
Thanks yoon see to share the pictures with us! :)

parisa mahmoudi said...

I hope you would have a great exhibition for your Artworks,soon!

Cserháti Hajnalka, Ojni said...

It was your first rendez-vous? It's so exciting!

Ken said...

great to meet you in person :D

The Girl From Cherry Blossom Street said...

I hope you had a grand time at the exhibit. It's so nice to meet fellow bloggers!