Tuesday, December 2, 2008

1st Giveaway Challenge!

In conjunction with my birthday, I would like to give you all guys some surprises!
Let’s participate in my First Giveaway challenge that starts today on 1/12/2008 and ends on 8/12/2008.

There are two different sets of lovely yet fun commendation Malaysian First Day Covers by Malaysian famous cartoonist Lat to be won!
( just released today 1/12/2008, I have purposely planned to get them for you guys!)
Open to everyone who loves to comment regardless who you are and where you are from!!!
All you have to do is to tell me why you should deserve these prizes.
You could comment as many as you like.
There are two prizes here namely the best commentary and the luckiest commenter (randomly draw).
Happy commenting:)


Teri C said...

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAT!!!

Sounds like a fun contest. I would like to win one of these just because you are so generous and kind to do it. Those cartoons are great!

soulbrush said...

again happy brithday. i would like to win, then i can send you one of my 'giggles' as a swap!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I always like a good laugh. Plus I don't have anything from Malaysia it would be a lovely treat.

INDIGENE said...

ooooooow! Pick me, Pick me! Happy Birthday! It would be wonderful to have a gift from you, since coming to your blog always makes me smile, I would always smile, with a tangible object in my sight! ooooow! pick me! pick me :) lol!

Bella Sinclair said...

Happy, happy, happy birthday!!!! What marvelous presents you received! I hope you can feel the love I am sending to you right now.

I'd love to be part of your giveaway. :D These are simply marvelous and fun. I love special stamps, and these are REALLY special!

Random York said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Yoon See!!!!!
(and many more on channel four)
(and the old fat lady on channel eighty)
(and Scooby Doo on cahnnel two!!!)

Seriously Yoon See, you are so sweet and I sincerely wish you a Happy Birthday!-
Warmest wishes,

Anh said...

Happy Birthday! Are you doing anything special? Family dinner? Favorite restaurant??

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

First is to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday! Did not mentioned your age though!
I told my son, celebrate your birthday doesn't mean a day you collect presents, it's a day you share your joy with other, especially your parent, especially mom,9 months and 10 hours labour pain!! many days of sleepless night and worry... During the birth-day, it's an appreciation day to the parent and sharing joy with friends!
There, you are, sharing your joy of birth with others and so generous giving away goodies. Very sweet and thoughtful. "LAT" is my idol, my all time favorite Malaysian Cartoonist of all! I have an old Calendar collection of his,, I love to have more if his collection item and for the fun of it, be part of your game..

Kate said...

Hi Yoon See. Happy Birthday! How sweet for you to want to share with all of us. You have a generous heart.

I cannot say I deserve a give-away prize more than anyone else, but I am happy to celebrate with you.

dani torrent said...

Hey soon yee, I can't believe it. 1st december is my birthday too!!!
(maybe this would be a reason to deserve the comic, hehe)
Happy birthday

flower girl said...

Yoon see!! dear yoon see...it should be mine because I'm living soooo near to you =)) I am your only bloggy iranian friend in MALAYSIA!!so no need to send it SO faaaaar =D

cserháti hajnalka said...

Oh! Thanks your comments! You are very kind! Always! :))
I think I can't write this weekly with my very bad English! With my teacher...perhaps...

But yours images Cactus is so amazing!!!

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

oh my god! I missed your birthday..
i am so so so sorry..was so busy right after I got my crafting materials..so sorry.
Looks like I missed the first day to comment your Birthday giveaway :P
May All your Dreams Come True :D
There is no specific reason why I want those cartoons but one part is because you get it specially for this occasion that is very considerate Yoon See! :D
Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday!!'

Have wonderful day today alright :D

Owl Eng said...

Hi Yoon See, you're very sharp...knowing that i have special sentiments towards elephants ;). Besides cats and owls, elephants are my favourite animals!!!

do you think i deserve the special gift? cos i can sing 'NEgaraku'..heeheehee

Chan Wah Chen said...

Sorry Yoon See, I did not know that 1 Dec was your birthday, so I just want to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday with my heart.

Silence said...

owh sorry for this late wishes.. hepi belated birthday yoon see dear~

may All your wish come true...enjoy ur life to the fullest and smile alwez..~

Silence said...
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Silence said...

owhh bout the giveaway.. i admire Dato' Lat cartoons.. especially Kampung Boy Cartoon.. i alwez watch it since i was kid.. and it so hilarious.. his cartoon also include useful msg and..you can read the comic book again and again.. without getting bored.. i have one Datuk Lat's comic book, the kampung Boy.. but i lost it.. after i borrowed it to one of my fren..

hey.. you want to know why i deserve this giveaway? coz I really really really want it~ I dun have this first day cover yet.. and you shud give me this yoon see..~ hahaaha..

anyway.. hepi belated birthday again dear~ wish u a very wonderful birthday with ur lovely one...

Eric Barclay said...

How nice of you! I'm going to have to go for the lucky draw because I've been typing too much today. Hope your birthday was wonderful.

Kris-Tea said...

Aaaw!,sorry for the delay!

.·*·.·HaPPy BiRTHDaY!!!.·*·. ^_^

I really hope you had a GREAT birthday, like mine was too! We're a fantastic sagittarian girls! ;P

And well, about the giveaway, your intention is so nice :) Mmmm..why me?...I don't know why, but thoses cartoons are so good!!

Enjoy your new age! :)

Matalonga Jorge said...

So glad you comment on my IF "OPINION" , as it lead me to your blog...

Happy Birthday Yoon See...
...I'm also Sagittarian!

Ken said...

First thing first.

Happy Birthday Yoon See!!!!
Wish you always in the best of health to give us the best of your blog ;)

The reason I would like to have the First Day Cover, simply to add on to my Dad's collection of First Day Cover. When I was young, I remember running out to the post man to receive snail mails and every month POS m'sia never fail to send the First Day Covers to my Dad as he subscribe to it.

As I grow older, internet so easily accessible, no more waiting for Mr. Postman and I also realise my Dad had stop ordering First Day Cover. So I hope this would surprise him and an additional collections from where he had stop!

Ken said...

finally i'm free from my freelance work. time to blog hopping.

1st stop ;)

piero said...

yea!!! happy birthday.
I never win anything and if i am gonna start to, this is the best place to do it!!!
all the best

Emila Yusof said...

Yoon See!! Happy Birthday dear!! So sorry I missed your birthday! PLease forgive me!

T.H said...

nice giveaway :) not sure how much comment I got now

The Girl From Cherry Blossom Street said...

I don’t know how to convince anyone if I’m deserving of any award, trophy, or gift.
But this much I know. I know the word agapē. Love feast. Art is love.
Art brings people together. The sharing is what makes it beautiful. That itself is art to me. Like blogging. Global sharing. It is wide open for everyone to bring their part of their world into yours. Yoon see, imagine the people you bring together for the sake of Art. Of giving. Of sharing. For that very same reason,you Yoon See, share your part of your world into ours by giving us Lat, which I, honestly, have not heard before. But that does not stop me from finding out who he is or what he stands for and believes in. Lat is right. Art transcends color or race. It blends humanity into one. Agapē!

That is the beauty of art..to me..
Yoon See, we all should get Lat awards :-)