Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pretend-Merry Merry Mood

Hi all friends,

I have to pretend to be in Merry Merry Mood.....
Last week, my computer had been infected by virus.
Yesterday evening, my house's earth distribution box had been striked by thunder together with my computer & modem. There was no early sign....i was trying to finish up my previous Award post. Then, came raining for just 5 minutes......followed by an unexpected light thunder....and that was it..... no electricity:(
Having "Blackout" for the whole night, the unwanted electricity still remain in the sockets, each time I try to lift up the earth box's controller, from off to on, the sockets nearby set electrical sparks like fire...luckily I unplug all other appliances from the sockets.
I can't charge my handphone...even now I have to use my student computer for this post now.
The technician will be here this afternoon. According to him, it will cost around RM500.00 for installation and supply of goods for fixing the problem.
Sorry, I don't know whether my computer & modem are still surviving or not:(
Please excuse me if I will be temporary unavailable for sometimes again...
Hope that my bad luck will be overed.
I got to go to the bank now to cash out some money.
Till then, pray for me...thanks...
Take care friends!!!


Owl Eng said...

looking forward to your comeback!!

parisa mahmoudi said...

Ohhhhh,I'm so so sorry about your unlucky day! :(
I wish that everything get better for you cause you are a brilliant person and you have an ability that can change things to better!

Best Wishes

Antonio said...

Hope it gets fixed and all is well!

Flying Colors said...

Oh this is awful Yoon See.
I am praying for you and that there is a good reason for this mishap.
I pray that you computer is fine. I had a current come through the phone line once it burned the modem and the ethernet connection to the computer.
The repair involve get a new cpu card for the ethernet cable and the phone company sent me a new modem. I do hope you have a good surge protector the one that has for the phone also :)

Wishing you a fast electric and computer recovery.
Have a blessed day :)

Anh said...

Aww poor you. Hope all goes well soon.

isay said...

i hope everything s okay now yoon see!

i can relate to this brownouts....just take good care.

parisa mahmoudi said...

Hi Yoon See,
I hope you come back so soon!
We all miss you!!!

parisa mahmoudi said...

huraaaaa! :)))
you come back and your bad luck is over!thanks god!!!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Yoon, You will never know how your words have touched my broken heart today. It was medicine. I lost my mom to cancer as well. It's been so very difficult and I look for brighter days. I know that friend is feeling good and is very happy in heaven. We will miss her so much. She just left the broken down body and now she is free. Thanks so much for the encouragement. I really truly appreciate it. From the bottom of my heart my friend. Thanks again.

SENTA said...

Oh no, I am so sad for you, I'll definitely pray for you :)

Hey, please do the tag! I actually got tagged AGAIN and I haven't posted it yet, but I was planning to tag you with you can do whichever one you want!

I had some friends in college from Malaysia, and I got to look at their beautiful photos...and I've wanted to visit Malaysia ever since! Someday I will definitely come there! I'll let you know when I do and we can hang out :)

Bella Sinclair said...

Aaaah! That's terrible! I'm glad you're back, and I hope there was not too much damage to your computer.

studio lolo said...

You've been having such terrible luck with your computer :(
Glad to see you back again! I'll pray the weather stays nice!

cserháti hajnalka said...

Poor girl! I had a similar experience in summer.

All the best!!!!