Monday, November 17, 2008


I love to come home to my neighbour's dogs. Yeah, I'm your master too:)

Hey but don't just go away like this:(


Deb said...

Ah, these doggies are so cute!

Thanks for your post on my, I read your seven things and I think with all the information you posted you should get immunity for the next seven years! :o)

Nice to know that you teach piano. I took lessons all through my childhood and then again as an adult. It was still hard to practice no matter what age I was :o)

soulbrush said...

and cute too.

Ken said...

Love that small dog :)

When I get my own place I'll get a Jack Russell. Furry dogs are just too hard to handle for me :) Love pets but @ time take up too much of my time to groom them...short hair is the best :)

Flying Colors said...

I just got a cat! Well the cat got me, she is so well behaved and so, so, so friendly. I'm in awe with her!

She had been hanging around all summer, but with winter I decided for her to come in.

I've been calling her Come Here, so I switched it to VeniQua. Pets are the best!

Michael O'Connell said...

hahahah… i just bark at them… sometimes i must say the darnedest things because there have been rare occasions where they just cock their head then lay down… and your lion king is so much fun…

flower girl said...

Cute,Cute :)
How are you Yoon see??????
As I've been lazy lately I've got pile of things to do and I'm a bit busy with my assignments. But I never miss visiting your lovely and inspiring blog my friend. I'm studying BA graphic design in KBU college in bandar utama. =)
and thank you so much for your nice CM on my blog.