Wednesday, November 5, 2008


My multitalented friend Emila Yusof had given me these awards. It’s a great pleasure to receive them from her. Once again, I salute her and pay my deepest gratitude to her because she is a very special lady that processes kind, humble ………and all the good characters. To her, friends are always first…

I also would like to share these awards to all my friends I knew in blogging through Kak Emila's blog.

They are:
Mariuca, T.H., Nessa, Jean Chia, Ken, bonoriau, resknrileks, Dookie, LadyJava, bluecrystaldude, spiff the space, annyboo, mangosteenskin, roxychick, shinade,
Grandy, Metz-Empty streets, debbie, Laketrees.

I am also her fan and I have collected her 3 promotional cards.
And guess what, I got them free from MPH without having to purchase anything…the secret is you must be daring to ask for more free stuff. I am one!


Nessa said...

Thanks for all the lovely awards Yoon See! :D

Ken said...

Thank you Yoon See! How have you been? How's your PC? Hope everything is alright :)

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

thanks again, yoon see for giving me these awards!! i love them all!!

and yes, i couldn't agree more with u! Emila is such a talented lady with a big heart for everyone! :)

Emila Yusof said...

Wohoo! You got th greeting cards! And I don't even have samples of my own!! I must ask from MPH!! I asked from PTS but they said there were no more stock!

Mariuca said...

Uwah!!! SO many awards thanks so much sweetie, I shall happily help myself to some yeeha! :):):)