Thursday, October 2, 2008

IF-Packed 2

This was a Chinese New Year card I did back in year 2003 for my friends & relatives. Yaah, I really love it because of its colors and a great meaning. The Chinese character “goat” was the animal representing the year 2003 and packed with mandarin oranges. The mandarin oranges mean good prosperity.
Below are another few cards under this same title. I personally liked the one above. Which one you prefer?


Bella Sinclair said...

So clever and beautiful and meaningful! I think I love ALL of them. 2003 was a good year. Must have been your good wishes.

atomicvelvetsigh said...

ohh they are all a beauty but i like the third one the most.. its so exotic 8) ..gong xi fa cai! (we pronounce it kong hei fat choi)

its a common phrase used here too to greet our chinese friends.. well they say if you greet a chinese these words on new years day they will give you candy. somebody actually gave me a mooncake (we call it tikoy)! 8D

and gee i still cant get over your beautiful badges! ha..

Juan said...

Great stuff Yoon!

yoon see said...

Thanks for your kind comments, bella, Atomic and Huan.
Bella, yaah agree with you.

Atomic, this year mooncake festival had just passed. Next year this time, I will remember to give you more mooncakes. I sell mooncakes since 2004. May be I should make them in decorative piece and mail them to you!

Thanks for your encouragement.

Emily said...

I like the second from the bottom best! such lovely cards! and colors!