Friday, October 3, 2008


Lovely abstract flowers painting with glitters finished
Night scene-Tropical charm


nessadee said...

Very nice abstracts!

Thank you so much for the I love your blog award! I'm going to get it posted up as soon as I can. It might take a little while before it's up because I'm heading out of town. Thank you again!!


soulbrush said...

nicely done, how big are these? did they take a lot of time?

yoon see said...

Soulbrush, thanks for dropping by and your comments.
It's just painted on normal A3 size.
I just start to splash some colours on. The design just came so naturally for this piece.
I amhappy with it.
It took me about 45 minutes.

Flying Colors said...

I love this! You are on to something here... this technique is has some very interesting effects. :)