Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pottery & Ceramic Workshop

Back in 2006 May, while I was shopping in Ikano, I saw a great display of potteries and ceramic from Clay Expression.
In search of new medium for art exploration, I signed up with them for a 10 lessons session to see how far I can go. It was a great experience and opportunity to learn under two young talented potters Cindy Koh and her assistant Jay, through their simplify techniques.
Just after 2 hand building sessions, I brought home my hand building projects to continue at home. Shortly, I moved on to wheel throwing.
To me, hand building is much easier whereas the wheel throwing method certainly test one’s eyes, hands and body co-ordination skill Not easy at all.
To name a few of my finished items, there are mug, bowl, vase, cute animals and some displays.
I love all the dinosaurs I made. Especially the black one, just so excess with its details.
Well, I had made 8 of them and had given away 4 to friends and student.
I missed those which no longer with me, hope that they find the right home to stay in.
I guess I should revisit them and start doing something new. Just can’t resist the feeling of moulding, throwing the clay and to the colouring stage. Too bad, I was not able to see the last stage, where they sent the items for firing at their Subang Factory.
Got to save up for the lessons, not cheap oohh.


Ellis Nadler said...

great elephant

yoon see said...

Thanks. I just love the elephant.
I will create more elephants in the near future.