Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This conceptual island plaster sculpture is my school of thoughts.
(It’s my second piece of plaster experimenter piece)
I got the inspiration from the conceptual abstract painting bellows.It’s about independence.

I improved this version by adding a leaf indicating the journey of greener pasture.
So, just let you interpret the rest.


Chan Wah Chen said...

Interesting interpretation. I like your abstract art.

T.H said...

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yoon see said...

I extremely love doing abstract art.
Simple abstract art.
This way may challenge many and more observer to meditate and understand what is the intention of the author for the said topic.
Now, I need to find times and sharpen my skills to do this.

Anh said...

My interpretation of your piece based on that it's about independence:

Second picture looks to me like a parent and child (dependent).

All the way to the left is a young one off to live and learn on it's own, much like young adolescence/college students (learning to be independent).

And the matured leaf is like having lived and experienced life, adulthood (independence).

The empty space to the right, I'm not sure. If the piece was based on stages of life it could be death or birth.

Well those are my thoughts =P
Beautiful piece, something I would like to see made into jewelry.

k. borcz said...

wow that plaster sculpture is cool!

thanks for commenting on my drawing. :)

dmystify said...

its always challenging to work with organic shapes and your piece evokes interesting interpretations