Thursday, August 28, 2008

Greener Pasture

Thank you mum, you had given this special name Yoon See to me.
It means “Music and Poetic” Besides, it means forever thoughtfulness!!!

I love my name, it’s very sweet and lovely, gentle and calm, graceful yet aesthetically pleasing.

Ha Ha…..The wonderful part is my personality matches my name….
You can also call me Yoon C.

Art is my first love that I can’t detach from.
Music is my second love. It’s good to come home with a good income with flexible working hour.

I had been working as an Interior Designer for about 10 years.

I was extremely busy staying up with endless deadlines whether at work or play.
In search of balance and greener pastures. I started giving piano and art lessons after work. I find time and juggle in between. Since 2001 till now, with teaching piano, art and tuition as freelancing job, I find joy imparting knowledge that I have mastered to all my beloved students.

Occasionally, I do help out my friends for some urgent projects.
Most importantly, I have more quality time to explore my interest in art, music and writing projects.

I do hope my sharing will enlighten you in some way. Doing what you really love and enjoy for living doesn’t come over night. You got to move onestep at a time to achieve it.

Each time, you are getting closer to your goal, reward yourself.

I continue to set greater goals and continue to achieve them.
That’s what Greener Pastures is all about.

Set goals and Go, Go Go!!!
God bless.


Lynn said...

Beautiful painting Yoon See...I like your name too, it's like a poem all by itself.

yoon see said...

Tyhank you Lynn for visiting and your lovely comment:)
I am so happy that you love my name!