Thursday, August 28, 2008

Forever KLT MoonCake Part 1

Mooncake festival is around the corner, with another two more weeks to go.
Can’t wait to celebrate….

As usual, I sell Forever KLT mooncakes. Counting up….1,2,3,4,5…..

I have been selling this brand for 5 years.


It is organic mooncake enchanced with Forever Aloe Vera Gel and Forever Bee Honey,
which is suitable all, including Muslim and it is Halal.
Ha ha…I have Muslim moon cake lover, they are my regular customers.
I personally like the Black Sesame Lotus with 1 Yolk and Pearly Jade with Omochi.

There are not too sweet and come with a gentle soft texture.

Full details of mooncakes selection:
9330 Black Sesame Lotus with 1 Yolk @ RM48.00*
9331 Lotus Paste with 2 Yolks @ RM50.00*
9332 Lotus Paste with 1 Yolk @ RM47.00*
9333 Golden Jade with 1 Yolk @ RM47.00* (Pandan Flavour)
9334 Plain Lotus Paste @ RM44.00**
9335 Golden Jade Light with 1 Yolk @ RM48.00* (Pandan Flavour)
9336 Pearly Jade with Omochi @ RM48.00* (Pandan Flavour)
9338 Red Bean @ RM35.00**
9380 Four Season Set @ RM95.00***

* price quoted: golden brown magnetic box with four mooncakes
** price quoted: two special packaging steel tins with two mooncakes each
*** price quoted: Four Seasons Set (Limited Edition) with the followings.
Golden Jade Light with 1 Yolk (2 pieces)
Golden Jade with 1 Yolk (2 pieces)
Plain Lotus Paste (2 pieces)
Black Sesame Lotus with 1 Yolk (2 pieces)

Will continue to share it goodness.
Certainly for sure!

Wait for the PART 2


yoon see said...

Thanks for your kind support.
I am sure you all love the mooncakes and looking forward for more to come, till next year.....

They are:
Mrs. Puah & family, Evon & family, Syarikat Maria, Contact, Hwee Yong, Susan, Mr. Ravin, Mr Sim & family, Linda, Mr. Toh, Catherine, Ms. Sim not forgetting my brother and .........many more

Mrs. Puah and Evon had a very high commentary on the Black Sesame Mooncakes. They ordered another box from me just before the festive. :}